The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Booster PDF

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF



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Download today’s The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Booster PDF from here for free, today’s The Hindu Vocabulary PDF is considered one of the very important topics for English language and all kinds of upcoming government exams.

Today’s Book is considered as the best by The Hindu newspaper aspirants. This English Vocabulary eBook contains words compiled from The Hindu Editorial. If all of you want to take advantage of this important For All Banking And Government Exams PDF, then you can easily take advantage of this The Hindu Book PDF through the download button given below.

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Booster PDF

We hope that today this book will help you in upcoming SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, NIACL AO, RBI Grade B, SEBI, NABARD, RRB JE, SSC CGL, RRB, ALP, CWC, FCI, Also NTPC, IDBI, NHB Exams. So, we at Oliveboard present to all of us, this e-book for the aspirants and examinees in which all the difficult words are given along with their meaning.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Booster

Sr. No. Words Meanings & Synonyms Usage
1. Abundant Existing or available in largequantities;
There was abundant evidence To support the theory.
2. Acknowledgement Acceptance of the truth or
existence of something;
Acceptance, Admission,
Granting, Allowing, Concession,
Recognition of the importance
or quality of something
I have received neither
an acknowledgment nor a reply.
3. Acquiescent Ready to accept something
without protest, or to do what
someone else wants;
Compliant, Consenting,
Cooperative, Willing, Obliging,
Agreeable, Amenable
The peasants proved
more acquiescent than had been
4. Ad hoc When necessary or needed;
Created or done for a particular
purpose as necessary;
Impromptu, Extempore,
Expedient, Emergency,
The discussions in the meeting
were on an ad hoc basis.
5. Adequate Satisfactory or acceptable in
quality or quantity;
Sufficient, Enough, Ample,
Requisite, Apposite
This office is
perfectly adequate for my needs.
6. Adjudicate Make a formal judgement on a

disputed matter;
Judge, Adjudge, Try, Hear,
Examine, Arbitrate

The Committee was formed
to adjudicate on all betting
7. Admirable Arousing or deserving respect

and approval;
Commendable, Worthy of
admiration, Praiseworthy,

The colonel is an admirable man
who has won numerous medals
of valour.
8. Admissibility The quality of being acceptable
or valid, especially as evidence
in a court of law
The case was dropped after
lawyers successfully challenged
the admissibility of the
9. Adverse Preventing success or
Harmful, Unfavourable
Increase in the indirect taxes are
having an adverse effect on
production of the steel.
10. Aftermath The consequences or after-
effects of a significantunpleasant event;

Repercussions, After-effects, By-
product, Fallout, Backwash

Food prices soared in
the aftermath of the drought.
11. Aggressively In a determined and forceful


Foreign-owned banks
are aggressively marketing credit
12. Alienate Make someone feel isolated or

Turn away, set apart, drive
apart, Isolate, Detach, Distance

The latest tax proposals
will alienate many voters.
13. Allegiance Loyalty or commitment to a
superior or to a group or cause;
Loyalty, Faithfulness, Fidelity,
Obedience, Fealty
He took an oath of allegiance to
his adopted country.
14. Alliance A union or association formed
for mutual benefit, especially
between countries or
organizations or political parties;
Association, Union, League
Religious fanatics have formed an
unholy alliance with right wing
15. Ambush A surprise attack by people lying
in wait in a concealed position;
Confront someone suddenly and
unexpectedly with unwelcome
Seven members of the CRPF were
killed in an ambush.
16. Amicably In a friendly and peaceable


They have amicably resolved
their outstanding dispute.
17. Amplify Increase the volume of sound,
especially using an amplifier;
Expand, enlarge on, Elaborate
If you already have a large
amount of productivity,
technology will amplify it.
18. Anonymous Unnamed, of unknown name,
Nameless, Incognito,
The donor’s wish to
remain anonymous was
honoured by the hospital
19. Anticipate Regard as probable; expect or

Expect, Foresee, Predict

The Intelligence failed
to anticipate a full-scale invasion
on the army.
20. Anti-secrecy Serving or intended to prevent
or restrict the concealment of
information especially by
These anti-secrecy trends and
inclinations sometimes interact to
convince administrations,
Congresses, and intelligence
agency heads that they must
21. Apartheid It was a system of
institutionalised racial
segregation that existed in South
Africa from 1948 until the early
Apartheid was the reason for
much of the racial tension in
South Africa.
22. Appreciate Recognize the full worth of;
Value, Respect, Admire;
Rise in value or price;
Increase, Gain, Grow, Build up
The dollar appreciated against
the euro by 15%.
23. Archipelago An extensive group of islands;
A sea or stretch of water having
many islands
The Indonesian archipelago has a
very low population density.
24. Asymmetry Lack of equality or equivalence
between parts or aspects of
Lack of symmetry
I have asymmetrical eyes, with
one eye bigger and lower than
the other.
25. Backlash A strong negative reaction by a
large number of people,
especially to a social or political
Adverse reaction/response,
Counterblast, Comeback, Recoil
The government is facing an
angry backlash from voters over
the new tax.
26. Belated Coming or happening later than
should have been the case;
Late, Overdue, Behindhand
He had to extend
a belated apology.
27. Benign Gentle and kind;

Mild, favourable, temperate

The climate becomes
more benign as we move nearer
to the Sea.
28. Blasphemy The action or offence of
speaking sacrilegiously about
God or sacred things;
Profane talk, Irreverence
He was detained on charges
of blasphemy.
29. Blatant Bad behaviour done openly and

Flagrant, Glaring, Undisguised,
Unconcealed, Overt

When the judge heard the
defendant’s blatant lie, he
became very angry.
30. Brazenly In a bold and shameless way Youngsters these
days brazenly defy the law.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Booster PDF

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